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Japan 2010


. . Japan. . . . 100705 Nara Park. . . . 100706 Nara Hiking Trails. . . . 100707 Nara Temples. . . . 100708 Nara Botanical. . . . 100708 Founders Reception. . . . 100709 Kobe & Osaka Castle. . . . 100710 Exchange. . . . 100711 Puzzle Party. . . . 100712 Shinkansen. . . . 100713 Hakone Tour. . . . 100714 Hakone Party. . . . 100714 Alice's Hakone Tour. . . . 100715 Mt Fuji One. . . . 100716 Mt Fuji Two. . . . Japan Puzzles. . . . Evening Events. .

Hereís an overview of what was probably our best ever holiday. Clicking on any picture will take you to a larger version and a link to more pictures from that day or event, on Flickr, our picture hosting service. Clicking on that larger picture will present you with the opportunity to start a slide show, by clicking on the video control at the top of the screen.

Text links below many pictures will take you to pages for specific days.

We flew to Osaka (Kansei Airport, floating in the harbour), followed by a 90-minute limousine bus ride to Nara, celebrating its 1300th anniversary in 2010, home to an 1100 acre park, full of shrines, temples, a snake and the cutest deer this side of Bambi

This year's puzzle party was to be held in the western city of Osaka, followed by a second event in Hakone, much further to the East, but outside Tokyo. I had spent a day in the mountains of Hakone nine years ago, and I was very keen for Alice to see this truly beautiful part of Japan.

It was a holiday that had been in the planning for many, many months. We had been to Japan before, in 2001, staying for several days in Kyoto, before travelling on for that year's International Puzzle Party in Tokyo. We had loved Kyoto, but found Tokyo somewhat oppressive and far too built up.

Nara was our home for 4 days before going to Osaka for the first of two puzzle parties.  After 4 days we travelled by Shinkansen bullet train to Hakone, a lakeside resort, for more puzzle events.  To conclude the holiday we and fifty other friends climbed to the very top of Mt Fuji, at 12,388 feet Japanís highest mountain, a volcano, dormant since the 1700s.

100716 Mt Fuji Part 2 

Hereís the view across the rim of the caldera, with the peak in the distance.
Nara Park, 5th July
Nara Hiking Trail, 6th July
Nara Park Temples, 7th July
Nara Botanical Garden 8th July
IPP Founderís Reception, 8th July
Kobe & Osaka Castle, 9th July
IPP Puzzle Exchange, 10th July
IPP Puzzle Party, 11th July
Shinkansen & Hakone Banquet, 12th July
Hakone Puzzle Hunting, 13th July
Aliceís Hakone Tour, 14th July
Hakone Puzzle Party, 14th July
Mt. Fuji Part One, 15th July
Mt. Fuji Part Two, 16th July

...and of course, the puzzle haul.

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