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I answer all serious mail. If you don’t get an answer, your email may have gone astray, or you may be using an obsolete address.  Please send it again. I have a very severe spam trap, and this is the best way of dealing with spam.   Contact us.

Avoid putting exclamation marks (!) in the subject line.  Try to ensure that the subject looks normal, not like a junk message, or else leave it the way it is when you click below.

This address may change, so always check here for the latest address, as old addresses will be cancelled if I get too much spam.  If you send a serious message, expecting a reply, and do not get one, try again as we do answer mail. Tell us about yourself, and where you come from.

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Martin & Alice, Winter 2015

Please note, no social networking invitations, such as Twitbook. If you want to be our friend, then beer, cheese, chocolates, flowers and wine usually work.


In 2012 I bought a pack of quiz cards. Each card has a heading and then lists 10 words. The object is to decide which 5 of the 10 words are actually members of the heading group.  Why not include a heading and 10 words in your email as a challenge for us?  I will publish the best on the website somewhere. You should also explain what the other five words are, but leave 20-30 blank lines in the email before giving the solution.

For example, we had to select five Moons of Jupiter, types of fungus, Brad Pitt films and Nations on the Equator, from lists which included 5 real entries and five red herrings. We really do look forward to "herring” from you.



I started this web site in about 1998.  As of Autumn 2016 it is getting its biggest ever refurbishment. 

My goals are to include more current information, more pictures, no dead links, consistent format and typeface, better readability on more screens, and to get rid of characters that display badly.  But no free beer.

It is a bit untidy and experimental ...but just wait...

Text first, then pictures to be replaced.