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Evening Events


So far I haven't said much about the events in the evening, but most evenings saw group banquets where the food was absolutely wonderful, buffets where we could taste just about every example of Japanese cuisine you could possibly imagine.  One of the highlights for me, was the surprise of seeing this year's host, Edi Nagata, his wife Sherry, and another puzzler entertaining us on guitars and keyboard. Hearing Sherry sing the Ronettes', "Be My Baby" in a plaintive voice, full of teen heart break was something I hope I will remember for a very long time.

The evening banquets where a good opportunity to eat and chat and drink with old friends and to meet new ones, especially Japanese puzzlers who were able to tell us about the food which we were eating, and to comment on my skill with chopsticks...

In evenings we went out to local restaurants where we had the most divine food, even if we often didn't know what we were eating. A couple of local shopping malls gave us further entertainment. The humility and politeness of the local population was a constant source of conversation for us. We could certainly learn a lot about manners from these people.

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