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Teddington is where I have lived since 1987, with Alice, The Ultimate Girlfriend, pitching up in 1990. Contact us here.  It is a small town in SW London, within walking distance of 3 royal parks and the River Thames, the river on which London stands. It is 5-10 miles from the M3, M4 and M25 motorways. Heathrow Airport is 5 miles away.  Trains take about 30 minutes to reach Waterloo, the main line station serving London and destinations to the south west.

It was the home of Noel Coward and Benny Hill. The Teddington TV studios are here. Teddington Lock is the highest tidal point on the River Thames, although Teddington Lock is a misnomer as the lock was actually excavated from the Surrey or Ham side of the river. It is the point at which control of the river passes from the Port of London Authority to the Thames River Authority.

Despite having lived in Teddington since 1987, I was unaware of this act of terrorism in April 1913, a hundred years ago this week, as I write.

As featured in Web User magazine. If you think this web site is good, I am always interested in hearing of IT vacancies in the immediate area. 

Here is Teddington on Google StreetView:


Weather webcam from Iver, just north west of Heathrow Airport. It shows a current weather image, and also for the previous 3 hours at 30 minute intervals.  More local weather.  FlashEarth clickable zoomable aerial image of Teddington - like Google Earth but without the need for any program downloads.


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The Teddington Towpath Murders of 1953.

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Pre WWII map of Teddington marked ˜Tides flow to this weir” on the Thames!

Also a link to an 1872 map of Teddington and several others centred on this position:

Lon,Lat:(51.42302872738417, -0.33473968505859375). 

Here is an aerial image of Teddington - like Google Earth but without the need for any program downloads.

22nd September 2006€. Six hours of local traffic, in five minutes!  Watch the film!  People ask me why?  Why not?! 

This was filmed after the demolition of the old Jet garage and before the flats were built.


Teddington Traffic !!

In early 2007 I received the following lovely email, from a lady in California,

    A fellow Teddingtonian who lives here in the U.S. forwarded your web site.

    I have had a wonderful time this morning looking at so many familiar things and places.   What a lovely job you have done (But then again, what could I expect from a Brit.)

    I was born in Twickenham and grew up in Teddington, some of my residences were as follow. 55 Railway Road, 92 Shacklegate Lane and the last was 101 Waldegrave Road. which used to be the London Co-op Milk Depot, which my Dad managed for many years, right up until we came to the States in 1950. In fact, the last time I was there in 1999, sadly witnessed it being demolished and in a pile of rubble.

    I went to St.Peter"s and St.Paul's school and then on to St Marks.  On my last visit to England   myself and thirteen of my classmates got together after 50 years, it was wonderful and something I never thought would happen. We expect to do it again when I come back in May.

    Once again, congratulations on such an informative site.

Thanks, Lily!  I tried to write back but your address was rejected.


Over 1,000 pictures from Teddington on Flickr, good, bad and in between, or click on the pictures at the bottom of the page to see my Teddington pictures.


I started this web site in about 1998.  As of Autumn 2016 it is getting its biggest ever refurbishment. 

My goals are to include more current information, more pictures, no dead links, consistent format and typeface, better readability on more screens, and to get rid of characters that display badly.  But no free beer.

It is a bit untidy and experimental ...but just wait...

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