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Teddington Towpath Murders

The week in June when Elizabeth was crowned Queen, that summer, there was little else in the news.  Some bloke climbed Everest to try and steal some of HRH's glory.  Albert Charles Whiteway repeatedly bludgeoned, stabbed and raped two teenage girls by the lock in Teddington (technically the Ham side), before throwing the bodies in the river.  Cutting a long story short, he was arrested, and managed to hide the axe he was carrying, under the seat of the police car.  The unfortunately named PC Cosh found the axe in the car at a later time, and took it home to chop wood. Recounting this in court at Whiteway's trial he fainted.  Whiteway, who lived near the Abercorn Arms in Sydney Road, Teddington, was hanged just before Christmas, having been prosecuted by Mr Christmas Humphreys. One of his victims is buried anonymously in Shacklegate Cemetery.

Dec 2012

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