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This is a draft of the summary of my experiences while trying to order a 280 TV from Amazon.


Dear Amazon,

I am writing this in a very bad frame of mind  I am  extremely angry with the poor service I received from you today.  I'm so angry that I can't ever remember be this angry.

Yesterday I ordered a television from you, and paid for  next day delivery.  My front door has been open all day, since 0700. The television didn't arrive and at about 1735 via your website I registered for a phone call from you.

I spoke to a lady (Yorda Y.) who assured me that the item would be delivered despite my concerns.  ("According to Amazon Logistics your order #026-4510593-7349140 is now out for  delivery to the address you originally supplied on your order form: MH WATSON (address concealed on this page))

She said delivery could be at any time until 2100.  At this point I had to reluctantly cancel my evening plans.

I continued to wait, checking the delivery schedule on my Amazon account every few minutes.  I am sure your system records will  confirm this.

At 1900 I received an e-mail saying that delivery had  been attempted but had not been possible.   My front door was open all  day, and I've been sitting at the desk in an upstairs room overlooking  the front of the house.

The driver left no card stating the delivery had been attempted.  Nobody phoned me to say that the driver was ready to deliver the parcel.   I then registered for another phone call and spoke at  length with another one of your staff.

She told me nothing to explain why the driver hadn't  telephoned me, or left a card.   She then told me that if I waited for a while she would find out what compensation I would be entitled to.   She then totally insulted me by saying that I wouldn't be charged for the  ()non-) delivery.  I do not take it lightly having to take off a whole day from work.  I know your drivers aren't paid very well, but neither  am I.   I cannot afford to take two full days off, on top of the very  very poor and uncaring service I had.

I'm pretty sure that I've been lied to by your staff  As well as sending this to you I have put it on my website at the  following address,  and I will make sure that at a time when Amazon are  trying to improve the general reputation that this is how badly you care about your customers.

Update, Thursday.

At 1200 Thursday I took delivery (no signature needed) of a shoe-box sized box.  Inside was a 1500 video camera.  I assumed that that was my compensation for the inconvenience.  Ten minutes later I received an email advising me the TV had been delivered. I started getting very worried.  I arranged, via the web site to be called again. I suggested that the TV was sent in a taxi, as it is only coming from Weybridge.  To cut a long story short, the TV has been re-re-rescheduled for delivery tomorrow, as well as: "Please note, as set out in our returns policy, you will need to  return the original item to us within 30 days of the date of this  e-mail. If you don't, we reserve the right to charge the cost of your  original order to the payment card you used for the order."

I almost dread answering the door tomorrow. 


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